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Farrah Abraham

Gender: Female  |  Age: 22  |  Views: 7,147,036

Country: United States

Description: SUBSCRIBE 4 YOUR NEW VIDEOS :). Reality Star of the original MTV shows 16&Pregnant and Teen Mom, New York Times best selling Author of “My Teenage Dream Ended” memoir, children’s book Author of “Passy Perfume”, Public Speaker for teen pregnancy prevention , family relationships, parenting, and healthy sexuality expression, Host , Public Figure, Chef, Blogger, and most important mother ☺

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  • 3 months ago
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    Yeah she made a another porno & she said she was drugged haha
    2 months ago by chickashay93
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    @sofiabetty sorry to offend
    2 months ago by lenaerocks
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    More better. More richer. Breath taking.
    2 months ago by laurencox20
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    @lenaerocks stop defending this mess you don't even know and get a life
    2 months ago by sofiabetty
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    Don't judge the way she talks either because no one has perfect grammar.
    2 months ago by lenaerocks
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    A great mom towards her Sophie. Think of your moms, they aren't perfect. So just stfu .
    2 months ago by lenaerocks
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    Just because she did porn doesn't make her a bad mom. None of us know her personally but she is probably
    2 months ago by lenaerocks

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