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Farrah Abraham

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Description: SUBSCRIBE 4 YOUR NEW VIDEOS :). Reality Star of the original MTV shows 16&Pregnant and Teen Mom, New York Times best selling Author of “My Teenage Dream Ended” memoir, children’s book Author of “Passy Perfume”, Public Speaker for teen pregnancy prevention , family relationships, parenting, and healthy sexuality expression, Host , Public Figure, Chef, Blogger, and most important mother ☺

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  • 7 months ago
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    it doesnt matter her size its the age & weight for the seat she is in and i highly doubt you know either hush.
    6 months ago by angelabowerslgm
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    omfg, put little one in a proper car seat. She's obviously way too tiny for a booster.
    6 months ago by TargusArie92
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    Shannon gtfo you're dumb. Love your vids Farrah. You're doing your best which is all you can ever do!
    6 months ago by SarrahRob
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    Love your makeup! What brand do you prefer & what's the name of the lipstick in this keek? Thanks a bunch! Xox
    6 months ago by jenhimes
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    it's effecting her speech as she gets older.
    6 months ago by Shann0nj26
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    Just because you love your child doesn't mean you're a great mom. Please stop talking to her like a baby,
    6 months ago by Shann0nj26
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    @angie7382 normally, which is what Farrah is failing to do. She says she's an amazing mom but she really isn't.
    6 months ago by Shann0nj26

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