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Jenelle Evans

Gender: Female  |  Age: 22  |  Views: 3,017,835

Country: United States

Description: On Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 10pm.

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Hahaha myself and @est4life910 have a new obsession!!

  • 12 months ago
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    wow the neg comments ppl shouldn't throw stones your glass house will crumble!! some comments make no sense
    2 months ago by marshabeamonun
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    Her or you can stupider than she is. Why would you the positive to someone that isn't taking care of their kid.
    4 months ago by jameebaird
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    You are addicted to heroin and meth you look high as a kite get some help fAnd I'll be stupid people supporting
    4 months ago by jameebaird
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    They so look they belong in the twighlight movie when u first look at this
    8 months ago by N_A_Parris
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    People judge them b/c of how they act & the thing that they do. Like smoke weed and not take care of her son.
    9 months ago by iDuhBoss
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    you sound an look so fucked
    9 months ago by amy_m_cranmer
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    He's yummy
    9 months ago by Ayo_itsSmoochi

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