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Adam Lambert

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I Love this song "STAY".

  • 14 months ago
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    Meteor shower 2nite Wish upon a star 4me so that I will get 2CU & hold UR hand B4 I die. It will B a miracle.
    2 hours ago by ruthdmusical
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    Have a great weekend / family & friends. Looking 4ward 2 the upcoming fun in UR life. Make it real 4us. LU
    3 days ago by ruthdmusical
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    THE BOY / THE GREEN HAIR--remember the movie/ I love UR pic it is my profile pic on FB. Katie's is 2 artificial
    7 days ago by ruthdmusical
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    UR vioce speaks & U sing in a language all UR own, & it is in tune / my soul----together 4 ever AT LAST. LU
    9 days ago by ruthdmusical
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    I LOVE the MOON because of U. Eclipse of the Moon April 14-15. Don't 4get. U R the man in the moon my Mother to
    12 days ago by ruthdmusical
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    My "THANG" is lovin U 4 all time. New language 4me. 2 generations off never thought it would happen or would ha
    15 days ago by ruthdmusical
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    76 years of loving God, Family, friends & U especially my SENIOR IDOL, 4ever in my HEART. Thanks
    18 days ago by ruthdmusical

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