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Devon Smith Kramer

Gender: Female  |  Age: 16  |  Views: 134

Country: United States

Description: I'll keek bout random crap... Whovian stuff, band nerd stuff, loki stuff, zak stuff, avengers stuff, ghost adventures stuff criminal minds stuff and yeah... Mah instagram is @fangirl_who so yeah.. Go follow mee >•< bowtie club! @Amanda_Hardrer is like my bffatas and i love her! And at some point ill be in a band that isnt with school... Well either be called Asylum Silence or Peach Orcherd so yeah *ALLONS-Y* *GERONIMO*

Member since: August 17, 2012
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I love you Zak but u need to release your clothing line... ill Zak Bagans you sexah beast chu!!!

  • 20 months ago
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