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Destiny Shae Hagg-Guevara

Gender: Female  |  Views: 213

Country: United States

Description: Hi im Destiny and IM in love with JB and CB and i have a little sister named angelina. And my fav. color is purple and my fav. # is 6 and im on a preimer soccer team. soccer is my life and ive been playing since i was 5.so about 9 years of so.and yaaaaaa i don't know what else to sayyy so Byeeeee. I love youuuuuu!!!!>>>333

Member since: March 9, 2012
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Please talk to me or ask me questions. Or whatever works...;)

  • 2 years ago
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    Yea your not screaming like half the people on here
    2 years ago by Moogles
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    Haha ya i said u i said i would do shoutouts... Make sure to subscribe and ill do another & cmment on ? Vids
    2 years ago by ThaPatmannnnn
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    Haha funny I know
    2 years ago by JB06
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    U gotta soft voice wen I talk I'm like screaming sometimes
    2 years ago by fndeda

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