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Christian Beadles

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Description: SUBSCRIBE to me!!! ;) and follow pretty please with sugar @LittlecBeadles Hey my name is christian. Im 17 years old. i make youtube videos and i love to act. Just say #YES I CAN #LoveLoveLove Atlanta, Georgia · Youtube/ChristianBeadles

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Country fun

  • 23 months ago
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    I do that with my four wheeler in the winter with a mud flap tied to the back u should try it (:
    14 months ago by angelineemmel
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    hahah caitlin says put "dolche" on it hahah sorry i just thought that was funny cuz u perfer "Lil B"
    17 months ago by leigh_beadles
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    lool, i want to try♥
    18 months ago by CandaceLockley
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    hahaha christian your so funny me and u have so much in common
    20 months ago by leigh_beadles
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    Armless but with a HUGE dream! Please follow and subscribe!! Know my story, become part of my journey.❤
    21 months ago by JesseFloresVideos
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    Go to 0:22 and look at the girls shoes shes wearin nikes how do I know well I have the same shoes
    21 months ago by teddylove9480
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    I've done this so many times:)
    21 months ago by 1dalyssahoran

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