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Gender: Male  |  Age: 15  |  Views: 683

Country: United Kingdom

Description: I like to listen to music, do sports and hang out with friends, favourite music artists are eminem and lil wayne , i like to listen to rap and dubstep :Pi support manchester united and the thing most important to me in life is family and friends :)

Member since: April 15, 2012
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  • 23 months ago
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    Aw accents are adorable!
    23 months ago by ak29ak
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    @mason_5 because they're sexy. Haha I have a British accent but I still like guys that have them.
    23 months ago by aye_its_kay
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    You're so cute and look so handsome in that uniform . And you accent to even thou every other girl has saidthat
    23 months ago by LuvAustinCMahone
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    hmm ok i likey and thx
    23 months ago by whenallfallsdown
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    I subbed both of you and I'm almost 14 yrs old
    23 months ago by LukeRemfry0508
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    ok im in love with u, ur accent, ur cuteness, yup ur a total pakage and how old r u
    23 months ago by whenallfallsdown
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    Omg I love ur ancient!!!!:) follow me and subscribe!! I'll do the same back;)
    23 months ago by ja_dreamer

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