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Country: United States

Description: Single mom to the most amazing boy Bentley! Public Speaker. Writer. Radio & TV host. Student. Teen & Unplanned Pregnancy Advocate. Keek is my way of keeping my long distance relationship with my fans!

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bring us wind to Oklahoma!!!

  • 13 months ago
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    like I want to meet you and where were you in Oklahoma ? do you still go to Oklahoma these days..! :)
    3 months ago by sarahwalter9
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    was on a tv show butt shes just I normal person like all of us. And I think she doesn't like it when everybody
    3 months ago by sarahwalter9
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    Maci is just a normal person you don't have to be so excited about meeting her!! yes she is a teen mom and she
    3 months ago by sarahwalter9
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    Y'all came to Oklahoma?! Wait, come baack !!! Lol
    7 months ago by cuz_its_nicki
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    Come to Hobart you will get all the wind you need lol
    12 months ago by ItalianSweetHeartt
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    Come to Stillwater we have tons of wind right now
    13 months ago by TaylorGirl1D
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    Follow for follow!
    13 months ago by mercedestuckey

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