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What makes you happy

  • 20 months ago
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    What makes me happy is when i'm with ALL my friends and we go down town ^.^ ( the usual ;P )
    9 months ago by NinaBoo123
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    Listening to my favorite music and reading
    10 months ago by LarryDaKat
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    Singing , dancing, writing songs,and also food :P
    16 months ago by Emmaheatone
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    You are so cute. <3
    16 months ago by AubreyAnonymous
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    Watching keeks, music, hanging with friends, smoking that's about it
    18 months ago by Heather_rae326
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    I listen to music preferably techno or rave. If I start feeling better I get up and start dancing with myself:)
    19 months ago by Linda_Land
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    Food is the ting that makes me happy, but on a longer basis its running and going to the gym.
    19 months ago by AmandaAndersen171

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