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Country: Canada

Description: I will add some video later after i shower! Lol I am on here to see if I can spread the word about this killer new band that I found for free online. They are called TripleEye and they are a very new band so I wanna help em out by telling others how amazing they are! It feels good to be a part of something so new and raw like this. These guys rock hard, and the vocalist is truly amazing with awesome lyrics ta boot!

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  • 23 months ago
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    Social interaction seems to be some what of a mystery here with our fellow KEEKsters! Lol
    23 months ago by WyZeN
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    Well that's very simple, this KEEK thingy not really working the way it should. People post their own KEEK only
    23 months ago by WyZeN
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    I got a question! How come no ones asking you questions?
    23 months ago by WyZeN

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