About Keek

"…the Twitter for video-based status updates" – Techcrunch

"Keek keeps it simple…" – Mashable

A revolutionary new way to discover
the world and interact with others.

Create & watch fast, short video updates with your smartphone, tablet or laptop and share them with friends. Simple to use, extremely fast and 100% free. Join the social video revolution!


The fastest way to share video updates with friends

Share 36-second video updates via webcam, iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone. Posting keeks is a fun way to meet new people, stay up to date with friends and tell the world what you're up to in real time.

Post a keek: Webcam | iPhone | Android | Blackberry | Windows Phone


Respond to keeks with video comments

Simply press the 'Keekback' button underneath a keek and record your video comment. Add an '@mention' in the caption and they'll be instantly notified that you posted a keekback for them.

Private Messages

Chat in real time with your friends on Keek

Instantly chat using video or text with up to 36 people at once!
With Keek Private Messages, you can quickly add contacts from other networks, monitor who is online, offline message, send messages worldwide, and more – it’s 100% free!

Verified Accounts

Verification is used to authenticate the identity of users

Individuals and businesses at high risk of impersonation can confirm their identity on Keek. Verified accounts help establish trust and make it easier for users to find people and content on Keek.

This symbol indicates that an account is verified.

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Follow People

Stay up-to-date with people that interest you

Keek is a busy place, but with this simple feature you can keep up with the people that interest you most. Just click the 'Follow' button next to a user's name at the top of their page and their recent activity will appear in your stream.

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Subscribe to Your Favorites

Get instant alerts when users post new keeks

Never miss keeks from your favorite users! Subscribe to someone and you will be alerted by email or keekmail when they post a keek. Receive updates as they happen, or opt for a simple daily digest.

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Discover what's happening and what people are talking about

We scan millions of keeks daily using sophisticated algorithms to detect engagement patterns and topics of interest. Join in on a group discussion, explore new topics or watch real time keeks related to current events.

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One place to manage content, settings and activity

Adjust your settings, edit your profile, watch your stream, view your stats, manage people, content and more!

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A convenient notification center

Keekmail makes it easy to see what's new with you. View activity, private keeks and subscription alerts all in one place.

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My Stream

Real time activity from the people you follow

Check your stream often and stay up-to-date with the people you follow. See their keeks, comments, likes and more! If your stream becomes too active, use our convenient filtering system to narrow down what you want to see.

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My Stats

A detailed analytics tool, free for all users

Track your keek views, followers, subscribers and embeds. View graphs and reports of your Keek activity, view performance by location, referring sites and more.

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Top 100

A real time leaderboard of the most popular users

View the most subscribed, followed, and watched users on Keek. You can also see who's leading in each Kred category, such as 'Most funny', 'Most talented' and more.

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Rate your friends and build a reputation

Get rated and rate people back. Let them know if you think they're funny, talented, entertaining and more by voting on their Kred. Obtaining a high reputation score will help build your following.


Mention friends in keek captions and comments by putting an '@' symbol in front of their Keek username – they'll be instantly notified when you mention them.


Instantly share to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr

Keek is a great tool for quickly posting videos to multiple social networks at once. Post them on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr or embed in your blog.