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Jackie Evancho

Gender: Female  |  Age: 14  |  Views: 174,000

Country: United States

Description: I'm a singer, actress, model and world traveler. I love animals, family, and friends. I'm looking forward to giving my fans some little blips of video of me, my family, and my pets so that you get to know the person I am off stage too.

Member since: May 8, 2013


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not supposed to do this but it's for you nanna. happy birthday

  • 4 months ago
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    awesome <3
    5 days ago by outback38
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    Hi Jackie. It was a long time ago you mailed a keek.DonĀ“t you have anything interesting to show us??
    6 days ago by rolgus
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    PLEASE MORE KEEKS!!!! (like this one)
    23 days ago by lukebates
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    U need to keek more!!!!
    31 days ago by gymnastt
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    That was cool :) I love that song :)
    2 months ago by latterdaysaint82
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    Jackie,,I wanna send u a fan mail,but I dunno how to send my fan mail,,,please answer me jackie;)please thx;)
    2 months ago by heniastuti988
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    Does Jackie know about Amira Willighagen? She won the Holland's Got Talent on the 28th singing Nessun Dorma
    3 months ago by JackYeatts1111

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