Verified Accounts

Verified Accounts

How do I know if an account on Keek is verified?

Verification IconThis symbol indicates that an account is verified.

Why are accounts verified?

The Keek community is growing rapidly with millions of people signing up monthly. Keek account verification is used to authenticate the identity of users. The verified icon helps establish trust and makes it easier for users to find you and your content.

Who qualifies for verification?

Individuals or businesses at high risk of impersonation that have a sizable audience on Keek, other networks, TV, entertainment etc.

How to complete the verification process

1. Post at least one keek to the account you want to verify

2. Take a screenshot of your Keek profile and post it to your official Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram accounts with the following verification message:

Copy text below:
Go download the Keek app and subscribe to me!

3. Email us at and include your Keek username along with links to the verification message posted on each of your official accounts.

• You don’t need all of the above accounts to be verified but your chances increase if you post the verification message to all official accounts you own

• Active Keek accounts with engaged followers and subscribers increase your chances of verification

Keek manually reviews all submissions and doesn’t guarantee verification for any account